Favorite Books for Babies & Toddler

When my daughter was one week old, I caught my mom reading Goodnight Moon to her and pointing out all of the objects and colors in the book. I was like, “Mom, she’s only a week old – she’s not going to learn what green is!” But my mom, who used to be an elementary school teacher, reminded me that it’s never too young to read with and teach a child. Even if they don’t understand just yet, they’re taking so much in, and just hearing your voice reading to and speaking with them at a very young age helps them to learn and develop.


The nice thing about reading with a newborn is that they will sit through anything, so you don’t even have to start with boring baby books – jump right into Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter or even The New York Times. Once they get to toddler age, they start developing much stronger opinions about what they want to read and have shorter attention spans. I remember my daughter going through a phase where she just wanted to turn the pages and it was faster than I could even read them. I’d be like, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you…Yellow Duck…Green Frog…I see…Black Sheep…you see…the end.” It was a little frustrating, but she was trying to interact so I just went with it and soon enough she was interested in reading the whole book again and at 2.5 years old is enjoying much longer books again.

Here I’ve listed some of my favorite books for babies and toddlers. Experiment with your own to see what they like – sometimes I’m surprised by what my daughter likes and what she doesn’t even want to try, and it changes constantly with age. So don’t get discouraged if they don’t like your favorite book and only want to read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” over and over (and over and over) again, because it’s likely to change again soon. Just enjoy the bonding time with them and read to/with them every day!

High-Contrast Books for Newborns

High-contrast books/items, e.g., in black & white, are supposed to help baby’s eyesight and brain development.

Board Books

Interactive Books

Educational Board & Interactive Books

Hardcover Books

Paperback Books

Paperback books are great for travel or keeping a couple in the diaper bag for on-the-go and restaurant entertainment.

Potty Training Books

New Sibling Books

Tiny Books

Babies and toddlers love these tiny board books! Throwing a couple in a diaper bag is like having a book and a toy. Be sure to keep the box they come in because that’s half the fun.

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