Mom Crew is the way to connect with local moms and moms-to-be – online and offline.


Mom-to-Be Meetups

Get together with other expectant moms to ask questions, share concerns, and see who can eat a bowl of pasta with the fewest Tums. First-time and second-time moms-to-be are all welcome.

New Mom Happy Hours

Meet up with fellow new moms for weekday afternoon happy hours. Share tips, enjoy a well-earned drink, or just use it as an excuse to take a shower* and get out of the house. Babies are welcome. (*Shower optional.)

Events for Moms & Families

Head out for a moms’ night on the town, a unique event (think comedy show or wine tasting), or some weekend family fun. We have some things in the works, so check back soon.

Social Communities


Connect with other expectant and new moms to make friends in your neighborhood, ask questions, get recommendations, share advice, set up play dates, and more. The “Summer Babies” and “Winter Babies'“ groups for moms of babies due within six-month blocks make it easy to find those who are going through the same thing as you.



Online Resources

The Mom Crew blog is full of helpful information for moms and moms-to-be. And there are some fun reads too, for when you’re awake in the middle of the night with pregnancy insomnia or a hungry newborn.


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